Tuesday, July 17, 2012

SharePoint 2013 Presentations

With Microsoft Office "Wave 15" and SharePoint 2013 right around the corner, Microsoft has started to post several videos and slides around the upcoming product.  Below is a link to the IT Pro track on Technet, from a high level overview to Architecture and Upgrade modules.
For It Professionals:

Also there is a MSDN link for Developers with the same type of information:

"Value does not fall within the expected range." When activating Microsoft Publishing after 2010 upgrade

We recently did an upgrade from MOSS 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010, and one of the site collections wouldnt allow Publishing to be activated. It either threw a Columns error or the "Value does not fall within the expected range." error when attempting to access. Via STSADM or PowerShell, it would error out as well, including removing completely and attempting to re-install. (note
this problem Site Collection is a legacy WSS 2.0 site collection that had been upgraded to WSS 3.0, MOSS and now to SP2010 which is bad, but we never had the ability to force new sites to be created)

In doing a side by side comparison between the problem Site Collection and one that worked using the Get-SPFeature -url http://SharePointsite, it showed that the Publishing service is actually composed of 3 seperate features.

I enabled them in the above order by running:
Enable-SPFeature -Identity PublishingSite -url Http:://SharePointsite
Enable-SPFeature -Identity PublishingLayouts -url Http:://SharePointsite
Enable-SPFeature -Identity PublishingResources -url Http:://SharePointsite

And that did the trick.