Monday, August 27, 2012

One Note: An error occurred while attempting to sync this section or notebook

So this is one that comes up often, when attempting to sync up a One Note Notebook with a SharePoint 2010 site, you will get a red icon on the notebook and some variation of: "An error occurred while attempting to sync this section or notebook."

Basically this is due to the fact that "Require Documents to be checked out" is enabled on the library.  From everything I've seen online, this is a known bug with Microsoft, but no fix available that I could find.  Now the workaround of course is to uncheck that setting in the Library Settings/ Versioning Settings, BUT forcing Check out is a huge part of certain governance standards, so make sure you check with the site users so that they can determine which need is more pressing.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Office App Store for SharePoint 2013 is now live

One of the new features of SharePoint 2013 is the creation of an "App Store" for custom widgets and templates for all to share either as free downloads or as a pay for model.  The link to the SharePoint specific portion of the office app store is below:

As the Apple vs. Android app stores have shown, the key is consistency of the apps, and making sure that they are vetted properly.  This feature will be a huge component of 2013, but as an admin I potentially see some governance opportunities as to how to handle these.  That would be along the lines of coming up with an approved list or process of allowing these into various environments, and creating an internal app store that our developers can use to share features across farms and platforms.