Monday, April 14, 2014

SharePoint 2013 SP1 issue.

In the great tradition of SharePoint SP's causing issues (2007 SP2 expiration bug), it looks like SP 2013 was feeling left out.  Based on this link, the recently released 2013 SP1 may cause your farm to prevent future CU or product specific updates from being deployed.

So if you have already deployed this solution, I am sure MSFT is working on a fix that will be available shortly, but that does not create any warm fuzzies about the nature of what we as admins are doing to the farm every time we deploy a hotfix/CU/SP.  For the time being the SP download page is offline, I will try to monitor it and post an update when its back.

Thanks to my former co-worker, Stephanie Pollack for passing this along.

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